Which News Channel Best For Current Affairs to Help Students in Their Studies?

Which News Channel is Best For Current Affairs to Help Students in Their Studies? Today’s society is bombarded with headlines about current affairs. We consume news via social media, 24-hour news cycle, questionable media sources, and reporting techniques, and life seems darker than ever. So which news channels should students pay attention to? Here are a few suggestions:

NBC Learn

NBC Learn is a comprehensive online library with more than 22,000 educational videos, documents and images. Most stories are two to six minutes long and are designed to engage students and make real-world connections. NBC Learn features primary-source newscasts from the NBC archive and is updated daily with current affairs videos. The website also features original educational series, such as the Emmy-award-winning “Science of the Olympics” and “Finishing the Dream.”

The videos are short and informative and are reported by some of the most famous broadcasters in history. The videos can help students better understand the complex world around them. There are even tabs for international and UK news. Kids News Now is free to join. The PRO version costs around $18 per student a year. However, it is possible to sign up for the PRO version, which is aimed at educators and schools.

Positive News

Aside from mainstream media, students should also check out positive news channels. These sites are usually secondary sources that focus on articles and stories that highlight positive developments in the world. Some of these outlets include Positive News, which only reports on good things in the world. There’s even an Instagram account dedicated to only good news. These are just a few examples of news channels that can help students improve their knowledge.

According to a study from Channel One, two-thirds of teachers report that students watch this channel to stay informed about current events and global issues. Almost all of them find the content of these newscasts interesting. However, only 13 percent of teachers think the channel should be banned from school. The overall package of these channels may outweigh any educational benefits. And the benefits go beyond just educating students on current affairs.

20 Minutes

There are many News channels and ways to learn about current affairs. There are countless websites and podcasts available to help you gain a better understanding of what is happening around the world. Twenty Minutes is one of the most trusted news channels, with an impressive audience of millions of viewers. However, if you are looking for the most relevant information, it is essential to get it from a reliable source. A trustworthy source will present the news in its true form without trying to manipulate the facts in order to increase its TRP or viewership.

Das Erste

A list of news channels but One of the best ways to keep up with current affairs is to watch the German TV channel, Das Erste Nachrichtenchannel. It is a public service broadcaster that covers news and other current events of great interest to the German public. The daily news programme is distributed nationwide and is usually short and sensational. Its website has plenty of articles. It is also possible to listen to a news broadcast by Deutsche Welle’s Slowly Spoken News. The audio version of this program comes with a script that explains the story. It is updated daily and has a large community of viewers.

Slowly Spoken News

If you’re looking for a news channel that is kid-friendly, you’ve found it. Whether you’re looking for the UK or international news, BBC Interactive has you covered. Its content is diverse and covers a variety of topics, including those related to school. Kids News Now provides five new articles every day on topics ranging from space to news. There’s also peer-review functionality, as well as three reading levels. You can even sign up for free, but you’ll want to upgrade to the PRO version for a school subscription.

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