What are the current trending economics dissertation topics?

What are the current trending economics dissertation topics?

Trendy economics dissertation topics include topics such as FDI strategy and macroeconomic indicators. A thesis can also explore the relationship between economic growth and international relations. Another topic is climate change, one of the most urgent issues of our time. You can examine the economics of climate change from a global perspective or focus on a specific country.

Behavioural economics

Behavioural economics is a branch of economics that focuses on individual behaviour. It has strong links to psychology. It can be applied to economic policy, including inflation targeting. It can also be used to improve employee savings. The relationship between behavioural economics and gender issues is also important to consider. Another topic that can be researched is the historical development of behavioural economics.

A dissertation in this field can look at how people make decisions within their economic environment, including their decision-making processes and values. It can also focus on how these factors affect the economy and society. Behavioural economics dissertation topics include health economics, environmental policy, and data-driven marketing. These topics apply to marketing and policy and may involve the psychology of consumers and firms.

Occupational injuries are a significant contributor to the global burden of disability. Pakistan, the ninth most populated country in the world, has many unskilled workers. A study on the financial liability for human-caused environmental disasters is also interesting. And finally, banks are important elements in any economy. They facilitate trade and exchange of goods and services and contribute to economic growth.

FDI strategy

FDI strategy is one of the current trends in international business. It is an effective means to promote economic growth, especially in underdeveloped countries. Several bibliometric studies have been conducted on FDI-EG. For instance, FDI stocks provide an inflated measure of foreign affiliate activities.

FDI can help promote global security and sustainable development. In addition, under international investment agreements, state-controlled entities are often considered investors. A few authors have explored the role of law in FDI policy. They include Lise Johnson and Elizabeth L. Broomfield, who have written articles on this topic.

FDI can also help a country gain a competitive edge in a globalized market. FDI can increase a firm’s competitiveness and productivity by enabling it to access new markets.

The economic impact of the COVID-19 pandemic

The COVID-19 pandemic is a current global issue. The impact on the economy is expect to be more than the direct health costs of treating cases. Indirect costs will be much higher. The length of the pandemic and the policies implemented by governments to contain the disease will determine the actual price. Other factors influencing the economic impact are citizens’ adherence to behavioural measures and the overall financial support that countries can provide.

The current outbreak has posed unprecedented challenges to healthcare systems globally. One of the most significant vulnerabilities for healthcare systems is the risk of infection to healthcare workers. This is why early viral testing is crucial for front-line healthcare staff. Furthermore, rising healthcare costs have exposed weaknesses in the healthcare system. Again, many uninsured people work jobs predisposed to viral infection. These people cannot afford to miss work and suffer the consequences.

This pandemic is a prime example of the economics dissertation topics and the economic impact of supply chain disruptions. Supply-chain disruptions can lead to a significant loss of revenue. Businesses that are agile enough to switch suppliers or maintain adequate liquidity can benefit from a competitive advantage.

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