How to Make Money As a Graphic Designer?

Best Platform to Find Good Graphic Designers?

Graphic designers have a wide range of methods to earn money, and the rates they charge for their work will not necessarily be their only source of income. Aside from presenting their designs to clients, designers can also sell their plans on different platforms, such as Creative Market, EnvantoMarket, and Fiverr. There are many methods to make money as a graphic designer, and the key is to find one that works best for your style and the industry.

Working in a design firm:

If you are a graphic designer, you should always look for better-paying positions. While making more money might not be easy, moving to a different place can help you build your portfolio and career. In addition, moving to a new employer is the best way to earn more as a graphic designer. However, it is important to note that people and companies don’t like to share the salaries they give.


It’s very important to understand that salaries for graphic designers vary greatly depending on their field of specialization. A junior print designer, for instance, might make $20K a year, while an experienced UX designer can earn over $60K a year. Similarly, a creative director earns twice as much as a junior UX designer but with many more responsibilities. However, becoming an art director takes years of experience and hard work.


Freelancing as a graphic designer is a great way to earn good money. Graphic designers are in demand in various fields, and the number of jobs available is growing rapidly. Good graphic design is a powerful tool that effectively communicates a message, whether for a business or an individual. Graphic designers use page layouts, visual hierarchy, pictures, typography, and other tools to create beautiful designs. They can also create interactive graphic designs that optimize the user experience. Various types of businesses need different kinds of graphic designs. While most work full-time for a company, some designers also earn good money by freelancing.


One of the best ways to find a freelance graphic design job is networking. There are a lot of forums and platforms where graphic designers can meet and network. These sites can help you find freelance projects and meet new clients.

Fixed-price packages:

If you’re a graphic designer, you know how much a single job can cost. You could choose to price your services per project or hour. Both options have advantages and disadvantages, requiring careful consideration and communication to ensure a smooth process. While per-project pricing might be more flexible, it requires a little more thought.


The first step in pricing your services is determining the price that suits your budget and your timeframe. It should be low enough for you to work comfortably but not so low that you drag down the rates of others. Most graphic designers are reluctant to overcharge because they fear losing potential customers. However, setting the right speed will ensure you’re matched with the right clients.

Selling graphic templates:

Selling graphic templates is a popular way to make money as a graphic designer. Many use them to create various design projects, including websites, brochures, and visiting cards. These templates are designed to be simple yet effective. You can customize them depending on the type of project you are working on. This process is much faster than creating a design from scratch.


You can also consider selling your graphic templates to a third-party site. You will earn a royalty fee from seven to 10 per cent of the sale price. You can also consider using coupon websites to drive sales of your graphic designs. In addition to using these options, you can also try selling your graphic templates on your website.

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