What is the use of Loom in education?

Video content creating popularity is always on the rise. We can view and hear content at our own pace, wherever and whenever we choose. It is easier and simpler to create your own videos. Screencasting is one domain of video production which is enormously promising in and outside the classroom. It is ideal for learning online!

Loom is free of cost screencasting software that allows you to capture and record your computer’s display along with yourself simultaneously. Loom is compatible with both Windows and Mac, making it a reliable tool for teachers. Once you finish creating your recorded video, you may modify and distribute the clip as a URL or integrate it on a website like Facebook, Twitter, Gmail.

Easy to operate. Easy sharing. Teachers and children are free of charge. And it works well with both face-to-face and in distant classes. While Loom is used to record presentation slides and web pages as a teacher-centered tool, it may also be an excellent way for students to demonstrate how they think or comprehend a topic. Here you can find latest education topics.

How Loom works!

Begin with the registration of a free Loom account. Loom offers teachers and students a free Pro account, so be sure to check Loom Education and do email verification to get an upgrade. Plenty of examples and videos are on the Education Frontpage to help you get started.

The outstanding feature is that Loom can be used in two distinct ways. The desktop version that may be downloaded includes several other annotations and a Chrome browser plugin. Both operate essentially the same thing. Find these brief comparisons of videos and try them both to see what works best for you. A mobile iOS version is also available.

After your video has been recorded, it integrates into your dashboard immediately. You may trim, save, and edit the video with a different edition software directly in the dashboard. You may share the URL to only specific individuals, use a password or post it via social networking sites.

Benefits and features of Loom

Loom offers multiple benefits for a better user experience:

  • Teachers and students have the Pro edition free of charge.
  • It is convenient and easy to use. Nearly no curve for learning!
  • No watermarks to be worried about.
  • HD recording is offered.
  • You can create unlimited videos with a time limit of 45minutes.
  • Three choices are available to record: your face, your screen, or both simultaneously.
  • You may provide someone with a quick glimpse of the URL of a clip or download your video, upload it to YouTube, Google Drive, etc. It is possible to save or share via several alternatives.
  • You can only provide passwords for desired email accounts to protect or access videos.
  • No age restriction; anyone can use this platform.
  • You can use Loom from your browser, and the iOS app is also available.
  • Others can react with emojis and comment on your video.
  • Provides you editing features within the app, which means no need for a separate video editor.