What is the best free plagiarism checker tool for students help to avoid the plagiarism while writing dissertation?

plagiarism checker tool for students help to avoid the plagiarism

f you’re a student who wants to avoid plagiarism, then you need a good online tool to check your content. In this article, I’ll cover the best options for free plagiarism checkers, as well as the advantages and disadvantages of each. I’ll also tell you which ones you should avoid. I’ve personally used Dupli Checker and Plagium.

Free online plagiarism checker

Using a free online plagiarism checker tool is a great way to ensure your writing is unique and free of plagiarism. Some plagiarism checkers will highlight the text and provide links to the original source. Some will highlight the entire document, while others will simply highlight a portion of it. This article will discuss three free plagiarism checkers students can use online. Read on to learn more about each of them.

Turnitin is one of the most widely used plagiarism checker, and is popular among universities and schools. It includes detailed plagiarism checkers to identify contract cheating and text spinning. In addition, it also features the Grade scope assessment platform. However, you cannot use it as an individual. However, if you are a student who frequently submits papers and is afraid of being found out, this tool could be a lifesaver.


The Best Free Plagiarism checker Tool for Students will check any written material on the web for similar content. You can either upload your document or copy and paste a portion of it into the plagiarism checker. Once you’ve uploaded the file, the plagiarism checker will analyze the content and highlight it in green or red. The report will tell you whether your work is original or not. The free version of the tool checks up to 5,000 characters. For more thorough checks, you can sign up for the paid version that gives you more features, such as multiple file uploads.

The software does a great job identifying plagiarism but isn’t very good at identifying full sources. Often, it shows multiple partial matches and multiple sources for a single text. The reports that it generates are often unreadable and confusing. The best free plagiarism checker tool for students to avoid plagiarism doesn’t charge a single cent, and it can check 5,000 words at once.

Dupli Checker

Although many students rely on this service, it has some flaws. The page is cluttered with advertisements and doesn’t immediately indicate whether a piece of text is plagiarized. There’s no way to see if a text is truly plagiarized, and the plagiarism detection software can be inaccurate. The report itself is incomplete, showing only a small percentage of the original text.

Dupli Checker is the most affordable plagiarism checker available. This plagiarism checker tool does not require a registration and provides full benefits without a subscription fee. Although it has a daily usage limit, registered users can check up to 50 times per day. Its easy-to-use interface allows you to upload documents and copy-paste text to compare if two pieces of content are similar. The report is easy-to-read, and the tool is updated regularly.


While most online plagiarism checkers charge a lot of money, Prepostseo is a free tool that scans over a million web pages to find any instances of copied content. You can even upload a document using Google Drive or Dropbox. All you need is a URL and a few seconds to get the plagiarism percentage report you need. If you’re a student or someone who’s writing for a company, you can get a free Google Chrome extension.

Prepostseo can be used on any web page or document, and its features include file uploading, Google search, reverse image search, grammar checker, and more. It also offers a Google Chrome extension to search for duplicate content on the web. And it respects the intellectual property rights of those who post original content. The main reason why it’s a free plagiarism checker is its versatility.


Unlike other plagiarism checkers, Quetext doesn’t highlight every source in the same way. The system can identify partial or full matches. The built-in citation assistant does a fair job, but it’s not robust enough to catch all instances of plagiarism. Moreover, it doesn’t save the text it finds in its database. Instead, the tool requests the user to add citation information manually.

This tool detects more plagiarism than most other free tools, but it cannot match every source text perfectly. The tool claims to check academic papers and webpages, but the process is slow and often fails to find all instances of plagiarism. The report it generates is easy to understand and highlights any similarities. There are also paid plans that let you check up to 100,000 words. But what’s best about Quetext?


While it is important for students to use plagiarism checkers to prevent copyright infringement, using the wrong tools can cause them a lot of trouble. While Turnitin is effective for preventing copyright infringement, it can also put students at risk of receiving a low grade because it will look for similarities in the content, sentence structure, and word combinations used by other writers. It can also misclassify unique text as paraphrased material, and so your paper parts could be mistakenly labeled as plagiarism.

A good way to detect plagiarism is by using a free tool like Turnitin. Turnitin is an online service that scans documents for plagiarism. However, it doesn’t work with individual pieces of writing. All submitted documents are scanned by the service. It also provides a report that outlines similarities and dissimilarity between pieces of work. Students and professors can use the service to ensure their work is original and error-free.