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October 29, 2020
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There is no doubt that the gaming industry is transforming daily. The gamers are more dedicated to their gadgets and pay attention to them. A gamer needs to have good gaming stations and a gaming headset as well.  

Ignoring the impact of audio is not possible in sound effects and audio quality in gaming. Audio creates a result of the action, sorrow, progress, suspense, and much more. In games, designers use many other effects such as lights, colors, shades, and more. But, nothing can beat sound in its original format. It is important to focus on the audio quality, its clarity, and its impact on the player and viewers. 

Sound design quality in gaming is developing at a stable and inspiring rate. Live orchestras, implausible audio effects, and powerful vocal performances high spot the audio experience and show its emerging importance. That's why an excessive gaming headset is needed and can be so beneficial.

Gaming headsets well-matched with the latest surround and special technology can give players an advantage. Just Imagine hearing the smallest footsteps and being significant about the opponent’s exact location in the game without even letting him know.

The headsets are also the best way to communicate. The microphone component of gaming headsets permits chat across a multitude of competitive and cooperative multiplayer experiences.

How do we choose a gaming headset in 5 steps?

The market is full of variety, providing different options when it comes to choosing a gaming headset. Headsets come not only in numerous shapes and styles but also differ in quality and available features. They show flexibility in range when it comes to price. 

The five tips helping us choose the best headset are as follow:

Determine your platform

Consideration of the user’s platform is important before buying a headset. You need to know the compatibility options for both ends. A 3.5mm jack supported headset is always appropriate for our PC and all the other consoles. It is to be considered that consoles do not still support all purposes because this software is dependent. 

  • Wired or Wireless:

People face issues in selecting a good gaming headset from a wireless or wired option. Both options have their pros and cons.

Wireless – A wireless headset generally connects to a (charging) station; the base station is connected to our PC or console. The connection usually runs through Bluetooth. or 2.5 GHz band. Due to its charging factor, it can be challenging for gamers who intend to play for hours. 

wireless gaming headset 1


Commonly it takes almost one hour to charge the headset that works for about 7-8 hours on battery. That refers to a nonstop gaming adventure for some time.  

When selecting wireless headsets, consider material, charging, and battery support. Suppose one is mindful of the sound's quality during the game. You need to pick up an AptX encoded headset. It does not affect the audio quality even if it is transmitted using Bluetooth or other wireless connection. 

Wired – A wired headset is on a physical connection. There is a 3.5mm jack or USB port to connect the headset and microphone. It is easy to connect with the wire and ready to play. In comparison to wireless options, the Wired headsets are lighter. If you want to consider the wired headset option, then consider the quality wire connection with compatibility and sustainability towards the devices. 

wired headset

  • Sound reproduction

For a gaming headset, the sound must be good and give a feel like you're in the middle of channels. Moreover, offer quality interpretation and easy to listen to the sounds of the respective track. To choose the best headset concerning sound, you must select the Stereo, Virtual Surround sound, headset with Dimensional sound, or the Headband.

Sound reproduction headset

The headband in the headset is one of the most important features people should consider while choosing a headset. The headset's mass rests on our head through the headband, so the quality must be durable. Other than that, it should be lighter in weight and mass to not press our ears or crown.

  • Earcups

When choosing a headset, look for the earcups and consider the material, interface, design, and shape. The earcups design must be comfortable for all, like a solid gaming headset with the round on-ear cups a brilliant and comfy option. The gamers with a larger head and protruding ears should use the larger, over-ear oval ears. Other than design, the material, weight, and interface of the earcups matter a lot.

  • Mics attached with it

In general, the gaming headsets come with an attached boom mic. The mic can be unidirectional or omnidirectional. It can be omnidirectional or unidirectional. The gaming companies mostly do not find a reason to use the omnidirectional mic in the headset as it captures audio from multiple directions. The player needs to have audio with precision, so everyone prefers to have a unidirectional mic option. 

A flashy boom mic may not be a preference of some players, so they prefer to get a headset with an external clip-on mic. It lets them have a sophisticated setting and easy communication with team players. 

  • Communicate with your team

The gaming headset helps to communicate clearly with friends and teammates while playing the game. The good functioning of the headset helps to talk, give loud, pure voice delivery. Thanks to a button on the ear cup or the microphone, it easily disables the microphone.

  • Comfort & easy to use

Picking up a heavy and bulky headset can cause you great discomfort and other related problems. You need to pick up the lightweight options that provide you the best comfort and ease of use. For gaming, comfort needs to be your priority. 

  • Cost-effectiveness 

While choosing the gaming set cost is another important factor to consider. Multiple options are available in the market at reasonable prices and provide a high-quality sound effect. The headset with the quality material, best sound quality, easy to use interface, and perfect handling offer the best gamers interest. 

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