Is Online Learning and Schooling Beneficial For Children?

Are Online Learning and Schooling Beneficial For Children

Online learning and schooling have several advantages. It reduces bullying and improves language, literacy, social skills, and physical health. It also connects children to teachers from around the world. This article will look at a few of these advantages. It may surprise you to learn that online learning can help your child develop important life skills. And now you can get your kids acquainted with some of the top online educators from around the world.

Reduces bullying

The Internet can be an excellent place to find out more about the benefits of online learning and schooling for children. In 2016, 20 percent of students reported being bullied in some way. Bullying can affect students’ overall wellbeing and well-being. Targeted children suffer from sleep issues, poor performance in school, and anxiety and depression. Students who engage in bullying are at a higher risk for developing a host of issues during adulthood, from substance abuse to violent behaviour.

Improves language, literacy, and social skills

Research shows that fewer children have language or literacy challenges than those who are able to attend a traditional school. Children who start kindergarten behind their peers may have a difficult time catching up. Children’s literacy and language skills are directly related to their future success in school and in life, including whether or not they will graduate high school, go on to college, or pursue a career in the field. Early development of these skills can lead to fewer behavioural problems.

Improves physical health

The results of a recent study suggest that online learning and schooling improve physical health in children. A cross-sectional study was conducted in the Philippines following a second outbreak of COVID-19, during which participants were asked to fill out an online questionnaire only once. They were also instructed on their health behaviours and status during in-class and online learning. Physical activity was also found to improve children’s mental health.

Connects students to teachers around the world

iEARN is a global network of educators and students that supports collaboration and connections worldwide. Its mission is to help educators connect students and teachers through a range of online resources. The network has representation in more than 140 countries and over two million students. Teachers can find and connect with other educators based on their age, grade level, language, and subject. Mystery Skype is one such program that connects students from around the world. Mystery Skype participants volunteer to participate in the online collaborative and are available at specific times. Students can be connected with teachers in the classroom for as little as 10 minutes or up to several months.

Improves computer proficiency

Almost every child today spends several hours each day staring at a computer screen. But despite the vast number of computer skills taught in schools and online, many children are not proficient in using computers to learn and communicate. One recent study on computer proficiency found that, while U.S. eighth-graders scored higher than their international counterparts, many still struggled to master the new skills needed in the 21st century.

Reduces costs to parents

While most parents are concerned about the rising cost of education, the fact is that there are some ways to mitigate the financial impact of online learning. The Helping Parents Act, recently introduced by U.S. Senator Josh Hawley, provides parents with refundable tax credits of up to $800 a month for remote learning. The bill also provides parents with additional expenses like lost work shifts and additional educational expenses.

Reduces concerns about unnecessary requirements

As the demand for online education continues to rise, states and districts should take note of the new federal funding available to support this new type of education. While the majority of students are still far behind where they need to be, this funding will allow districts and states to expand dissertation topics in education for all students. This will also help ensure that students with special needs have access to effective education. Additionally, students should feel as though they are part of a community where they can grow their talents and contribute to the future.

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