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Many drawing makers from across the globe are having the skills of top-notch quality but they are having the problem in turning that skill into revenue.  This means that they want to convert their drawing skills into something, which is going to be profitable.

we are living in the 21st century and in this century you will be very happy and amazed to find that you can now convert your drawing into graphic design which will be used in the future for promotion and also to get more jobs in the field of graphics.  Only able to make the drawing is not going to give you the money, which you are looking for.

If you are looking for making digital art then converting your drawing to digital graphic design will be the ideal option for you.  so in this article, I am going to give you the simple instructions in which you can understand that how you can convert your drawing into graphic design which is not a very difficult thing to do but very profitable. 

Sketch on the paper

First of all, if you have not sketched by now then you should make good qualities catch by the pencil and pen on the paper. Make sure you have used a white paper that is refined. In the paper is not white then it will not generate output as you require.  You would use white paper, which is of good quality.

Now you need to start practicing on any useless paper about the sketch you are trying to make.   Remember, many artists are practicing before going for the final implication. This is the best and simple strategy you should also follow before going for the finality.  Use the pencil and pen-like you are going to use on the original paper and practice on the sketch which you have decided to make for the graphic design. 

After you have practiced and you are concerned about the sketch you are trying to make then you can move forward and make the sketch on the original paper with a pencil and pen.  As I have told you before that, you should use the white paper for getting the output accordingly and with high quality. 

Scan it

 Now comes the second step in which you will scan that sketch which you have made on the white paper. You should use the best quality scanner if you have that in your house.  When you are going to try to scan the document then you should set the resolution of the scanner to the top resolution.  It is recommended that you are choosing the 600 DPI resolution for getting the output of good quality when you are going to scan the paper.

Remember, if you are going to choose the best quality then the output can come better but it can be a big size.  I mean the file size would be big enough for you.  You can lower the resolution but the quality, which you are looking for to promote around, is not going to be of a good kind in this regard. 

Turn it around

After you have got the picture scanned according to your desire then you need to go to the next step, to put this picture in the software of graphic design.  Just having the drawing is scanned into the scanner is not going to be the last step for you.

You need to use Photoshop and similar software’s of graphic design to turn this simple scanned picture into a good quality picture.  If you are familiar with the software then you need to use the tools effectively and whatever problem you are having in the picture should be converted before going to the next step.

Even though it is a beautiful scanned picture is, still you need to use the software to make the black good quality black and white the good quality white. You can use the tool of contrast to get the ideal looks in the picture. You can experiment as much as you want but do not ruin the picture, which you have scanned.

Isolate the picture now

When you have done everything, accordingly now you need to isolate the picture.  It means that you need to isolate your picture from every other picture on the computer.  Now you can use this picture to promote yourself around and see it yourself.  Using the software and the tools effectively has brought this drawing into the digital sketch on your computer.

If you are not good and skillful in using graphic designing, software and you need to hire an expert in this regard.  There are many software experts available in the market we can convert your graphic drawing into digital art.  However, if you are willing to make the future of you are in this field yourself then it is recommended that you are going to use the tools and software graphic design personally. Congratulations, now you have converted the graphic drawing on the paper into digital art on the computer.

How we can use it for our promotion

Social media and the internet

Many people have the question that, if you are looking for the conversion of the graphic on the paper to the digital art on the computer then there must be some reason behind it. It means that you want to convert the normal drawing into the revenue generation tool.  We are living in the 21st century and new technologies and new strategies have come into the market for the people to generate revenue if they have the skill.

The normal drawing skills have been the story of the past.  Now you need to go into the digital world by which you can generate the output for you for your betterment.  Remember, we are living in a digital world that is why using digital painting is much better than paper painting.  Now when you have to convert it into digital art it is recommended that you are going on social media, which is the prime source of marketing today.

On social media like Facebook pages, you can promote your picture and show the people the skills you have.  You can even tell in the description of the painting you have made and how you have converted into digital art.  Honesty is the main policy in the graphic designing world and if you are going, to be honest about the work you have done then the people will be becoming your probable client for certain. 


 Therefore, by reading the content and article above you must have understood that converting the drawing into digital art is not a very difficult thing to do only if you have the expertise in the graphics software.  Many people are converting the sketch into digital art because they want to print this thing on T-shirts and pants and similar clothing.

By doing the procedure above, you will be able to do the task as early as possible.  Not only the task will be done quickly but also the output will be much better than the expectation you have. 

Remember to get the paid graphic software, which will give you the full flexibility and options of all kinds.  Because you are going to use the graphics, software much more than you must have imagined. If you do not have the scanner in the house then you can arrange the rent from someplace but it will be some burden on you.

Do not fall into the Trap of the applications, which are available on the internet.  Many mobile applications will promise you to convert your drawing into digital art but in reality, they are just useless.  They will waste your time and will not give me the full flexibility and options, which can give you a high-quality picture on your computer.

This is the reason you should get the good qualities, which can scan the drawing you have made on the paper. And the good quality and paid graphics software like Adobe Photoshop and similar illustrators. These cannot only allow you to get the full options to use your skills but also the output, which is going to be beneficial for you.

If the quality of the picture is not good then you will not be able to use social media and a similar forum to promote your skills.  You have done this entire task to become a good quality graphic designer so instead of focusing on the low quality, you should invest in the good quality output which can only be done by the things told in the content above. 

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