How to Improve MacBook Gaming Performance

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December 30, 2020
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Why the MacBook Pro-2019 Gaming Champ in MacBook’s
December 30, 2020
MacBook gaming

Gaming is fun. But when the gaming machines including consoles, laptops and personal computers start performing bad or lag, the fun goes down plus it becomes frustrating for the gamers. A bad gaming platform gives a competitive edge to the opponents in online gaming ecosystems

MacBook is elite laptops and highly respected for their graphics performance, processing power and their sleek design. These machines are not particularly built for gaming but they can deliver a good performance of you know the right areas to tap.

You can improve the gaming performance of your MacBook by

  • Optimize the memory
  • Upgrade RAM
  • Change MacBook settings to suit the gaming
  • Disable OS X features
  • Use Bootcamp

Many factors can affect the MacBook while gaming and can be optimized to enhance gaming performance. All these solutions are discussed comprehensively in the following article.

Clean memory on your MacBook

While gaming, one of the busiest portions of your MacBook is its memory along with processor and graphics processing unit. In order to enhance the gaming performance of your machine, it is essential to optimize your MacBook’s memory. There are several built in tools and apps that can help you achieve the optimization goal.

Memory in the device can be managed manually as well as using some third-party tools. Memory clean is one of the apps that can optimize your Mac's memory and is excellent for boosting gaming performance. This app purges Mac's inactive memory and is best used when you close an intensive app. During the cleaning process, the device may slow down but will work perfectly fine after completing the process.

Upgrade the RAM

Higher RAM specifies better performance of the device. RAM is used to handle multiple tasks that are simultaneously happening on the system. So, upgrading RAM is essential if you are looking forward to better gaming. As the RAM is a hardware component, it can be upgraded easily than GPU and CPU because they are builtin motherboard. The RAM that is better for gaming should be up to 4-6 GB and optimized according to the game.

For better performance, you should close all the apps that are not necessary and stop all the apps running in the background. Because if many apps would be running at the same time might slow down the device.

Change Settings

There are many features in the settings may or may not be so useful for gaming. So, it is better to manage the settings according to your preference. Every game has graphics settings that you can customize to add or remove details. These settings can be found in the game menu under the graphic or video section. You can choose from there which settings are worth disabling and keeping. Selecting the viewing mode also affects the performing ability. It would be best if you tried both to find out which works better and go with that, whether it's the windowed or full-screen mode.

Setting your graphics on the mode that is compatible with the device's graphic processing card is essential. So, you should choose the resolution and graphics according to the preference that can boost the system's speed.

Disabling OS X features

There are two OS X features that most people don't use, Dashboard and Notification Center. These two take unnecessary processing power and RAM that could be used for gaming.  Both features can be disabled using the terminal.

To disable the Notification centre, open the terminal and paste the following commands.

  • launchctl unload -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/
  • killall NotificationCenter
  • After pasting this command, you will no longer receive banners, notifications, and alerts for any apps in your notification centre.

Now for disabling the dashboard, you need to type the following commands in the terminal.

  • defaults write com. apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean YES; killall Dock
  • To bring back both files, then the following commands can be used.
  • defaults write mcx-disabled -boolean NO; killall Dock

For the notification centre, use this:

  • Launchct load -w /System/Library/LaunchAgents/ /System/Library/CoreServices

Use of boot camp

Boot camp lets you reboot your Mac into the Windows operating system. It is a built-in function that enables your Mac to run the games that aren't supported too. To initialize boot camp on your MacBook, you will need a Windows license.

To install Windows on your Mac using boot camp, you will need to follow the following steps.

  1. First, download windows 10 ISO. That will allow you to install windows 10 on your MacBook using boot camp assistance. To download the window's ISO, search it up on Google, and the downloading link will be available there.
  2. Click on it, and that will take you to the Microsoft website to download the disk image. You will need to select the windows version that you want, then your language, and confirm. After that, you will see a 64-bit download, click it, and that will do your downloading process.
  3. After downloading, ISO will be saved in the Downloads folder of Mac. Now, open finder, go to applications and scroll down, and open utilities. There you will see the boot camp assistant.
  4. Open the boot camp assistant, then click continue. It will take you to the ISO image, where you will have to choose. That will take you to the download folder.
  5. Select the windows ISO and click open. Now you need to designate how much amount of space you want to give the windows boot camp partition. It would be good if you went for a reasonable amount; that will leave MacOS with enough space as well.
  6. After all of that is set, click on the install button in the bottom right corner to get started.
  7. After downloading, it's going to ask you the password and username. After adding credentials, it's going to reboot your Mac into windows setup to install Windows 10.
  8. After that, it will ask for some necessary information, and you will require to choose the license for the pro or home version of windows. After agreeing to all the statements, the installation process will complete.
  9. After doing all the next steps, the process will complete, and you will be able to use windows on your MacBook.

Using this feature allows you to play any game with a better processing speed. But if you are looking to do heavy duty gaming then you might need a gaming console and gaming laptop that’s specifically optimized for gaming. 

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