How to Cancel Adobe Subscription

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Adobe offers you a full range of software that comes up with utilities, extensions and exposure. All you can get is some amazing skills, expertise and much more with these tools. The use of Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, LightRoom, After Effects and other software is common. These are a tool kit for the graphic designers, photographers and editors.

Although all these software is important, sometimes you may not subscribe to them for long. At certain times, you may feel like cancelling the subscription and starting over something new. Signing up with Adobe is not a lifelong commitment; you have the opportunity to cancel the subscription anytime.

Quick process for cancelling adobe subscription

Many people are confused about cancelling adobe subscriptions. The procedure is quite simple and to the point. All you need is to take time, and decide an appropriate time for cancellation. Make sure you are not going to cancel the subscription right after payment deduction. Complete the access for the month and right before your next payment, initiate cancellation.  

Sign in to your adobe account

sign in

The first step is signing up with the adobe account. To cancel a subscription, you do not have to access any other profile or page. All you need is to sign in the account using your login detail. Once you are on your profile page, now you need to get into the settings or profile manager page.

Click on manage plan

manage plane

On your profile manage page, you should go for the manage plan option. It is the setting option carrying every single detail for your profile and plan management. Here you will be able to review the plan details and other available plans as well. It seems a control room for your plan management.

Select cancel plan

cancel plane

Now, click on the cancel plan option from your current plan. If you want to change the plan then you can go for the edit plan option. In case, you do not want to continue using Adobe then you have to select a cancel plan. To change the plan and upgrade to a different pricing or services package, you should select the upgrade or edit option in the plans.

Give a reason for cancellation

Adobe will always ask you about the reason behind cancellation. You need to provide a justified issue, reason or justification for the cancellation request. It is your choice to select from the given categories or write your own reason. There are open chances to mention any issues, complications or problems with Adobe that are causing you to end the subscription.

Continue to review subscription benefits


Once you are done with, the reason, and click continue then you will have subscription benefits pages. If you are a new subscriber but want to end it immediately, then you need to review the subscription benefits. It will help you to understand the purpose of subscription and review your idea of cancellation. Possibly, after reviewing these benefits you may terminate cancellation. On the other hand, you can simply skip the step and click on continue to proceed further.

Continue to available offers – ignore to proceed

The next page you will have will be about available offers. On this page, you can check out the other offers available in the same or different budget as well. In case you are not comfortable with the present offer, it is possible to select the available offers and make a move. If you are determined for cancellation, then ignore and skip this page.

Review cancellation details

The page will ask you to review the cancellation details that include reasoning and other important things. You need to check the review of this page and agree to terms of termination. Once you are done with the review you can confirm.

Confirm cancellation

By pressing the confirm your subscription will be cancelled. There will be an immediate action of cancellation and you do not have to go through any other formalities. Your account will be deleted and payment details will no longer be authentic with the platform so you are good to go.

Cancellation procedure is not difficult or tricky at all, but involves some complications. In the adobe subscription, we have payment information involved. Therefore, many people are concerned about their payment information and other matters. Here we have some of the frequently asked questions. You will definitely want to know the answers and information:

Frequently Ask Question about Adobe Subscription

1Does it take time to process cancellation?
No, to cancel adobe subscription you will not get any waiting or hold time. You can process the cancellation by your end. Just confirm the cancellation and you will be notified from the developers about cancellation at the same time.
2Is it possible to re-subscribe to Adobe?
Yes, it is always available. Canceling the subscription for once will not restrict your future chances of subscriptions at all. All you need is to sign up again with your email address and you will be able to reactivate or maintain your account. Add payment method and pick up another offer for the subscription.
3Will I get any refund if I cancel the subscription after payment deduction?
No, you have to cancel the subscription before the payment deduction for the coming month. Even on the same day, you will not be able to get a refund for the payment. Moreover, Adobe does not offer you any refund for the offers or subscriptions.
4Is it possible to change my offer or plan instead of cancelling?
Yes, in your offer manager you can change your offer and pick up the upgrade option from the available offers. It will help you to improve your package and skill set as well.
5Will my payment details be removed after cancellation?
Yes, right after cancellation your payment details will be removed from the server. Adobe will not charge you for anything and your payment method will be freed as well.
6Can I get an Adobe subscription from a third party?
It is not officially recommended but you can get the subscription from a third party on your own terms.

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