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October 26, 2020
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Before anything you need to do you need to understand, that LinkedIn is a job-earning platform. It is a very valuable source for job seekers to find a job from across the globe.  You can call this to be one of the best in the world because many people from across the globe are not only searching for the job on this platform but also getting them. But getting the job on this platform is not that easy because there is much competition around. 

For this reason, you need to add many qualifications and also the experience in your LinkedIn profile to attract probable employers.  This is the reason many people have added the experience and also the courses to their LinkedIn profile.  According to the experts, the employer will take only 3 minutes to decide if they want to hire you are not.  Only for 30 seconds, they will look at your profile and will Read your profile.

This means that you have a very short amount of time to attract probable employers.  This is the reason your profile should have the best qualification and experience at the top of the line, which the employer can look at. 

What is a Nano degree?

In simple language, the Nano degree means, the course, which can be done within 12 months. You do not need to present in the educational institutions to fulfill this course but in fact, you can do it online. Many Institutions are present online offering courses in different technologies, which can allow you to get the Nano degree.  For example, Udacity is the online course company that is going to give you a Nano degree in any field you want. Many people are qualified in the field of their interest and they are trying to promote themselves around on the LinkedIn profile but they are confused that how they will be able to add the udacity nanodegree to LinkedIn. 

Everything starts from the profile

When you are going on the LinkedIn profile then the first thing you need to do is go into the Education section.  In this section, you should make Udacity your school. You can add your Nano degree over here in the education section by mentioning the school. Now you need to go into the certification section where you will specifically tell about the degree you have done in the udacity.

The Nano degree you have done from that online platform should be mentioned in this section. If you are familiar with LinkedIn then you must know that there is a project section also in this.  When you have done the Nano degree course from Udacity then you must have done, some projects.

You can use the projects section of LinkedIn in which you can add those projects easily. This is the easy procedure by which you can add the Udacity Nano degree to your LinkedIn profile.  But, the question persists that what is the benefit of doing this thing. 

Stand out in the world

Like I have told you before that LinkedIn is a job-seeking website.  There is much competition around especially in the covid-19 pandemic.  Because the workers are many but the jobs are limited, you need to stand out in the world to get the job towards you.  If the employer is only using the 30 seconds to look at your profile then the Udacity courses and similar courses can help you out to attract the employer towards your profile.

If the employer thinks that you can do the work like you have done in the past by showing your profile on LinkedIn then they will connect with you and will be able to hire you if you are according to them.  By doing these things you can stand out but remember that not only the courses but also the experience in your bank should be available to benefit from. 

Is Udacity Recognized?

If you are willing to add the udacity nanodegree to the LinkedIn profile then you are not wrong and not the only person in the whole world.  But.  Are you familiar that online courses are not recognized by the government of the country?

Udacity is a big private online firm, which is offering courses in every field, but they are not recognized.  Many people from across the globe are doing the courses from this platform but even after paying a lot of money, they are not getting the degree from the recognized institutions.  Therefore, if you are willing to add your course to the LinkedIn profile you can do it but you should also remember that it is not a recognized Nano degree. 

 Is it worth it?

But even if the degree is not recognized, the question is that is the degree worth it to get the job. to be frank and experienced in the field I can tell you without any hesitation that many people from across the globe are getting the job by showing the degree from the udacity.  They have done the course in their field of interest and when they have showcased on the LinkedIn profile the people and the probable employees are connecting with them with a big heart.

If the employers are hiring the people by looking at the LinkedIn profile, which is showing the Udacity Nano degree, then there must be something they like.  And not only the small companies but big companies are also liking the employees who qualify the Udacity.  However, along with that if, you do not have the experience to show then you will not be able to get the job even if you have multiple Nano degrees.

Getting the job without experience is not something you can do especially if you are living in a competitive world right now. You can start by the internship but you will not be able to get a full-time job at the start if you do not have the experience. 

Is Nano a degree only for 12 months?

This is a very good and common question.  If people are going for online education then the reason must be that they do not have enough time to go to the physical institutions.  But even in online education, you are putting 12 months for getting the degree then the people are confused that why should we do it.

According to the information given by the Udacity authorities in this regard, you can do that Nano degree earlier than 12 months but some courses are going to ask you at least 12 months to get the degree. Depending on the complexity of the course and the skill level, you can do it accordingly. The requirements of the courses vary from one place to the other and one degree to the other. Therefore, the timing of the Nano degree can vary which you can understand and get familiar with before enrolling in the course. 


I hope by reading the content about you have got an idea about the Nano degree and the ways by which you can add the Udacity nano degree into the LinkedIn profile.  You will be able to show your profile in the top search engine on the LinkedIn website if you will do these things accordingly.

You will be able to stand out in the world by adding the courses and experience to your LinkedIn profile and when the probable employers are looking for the people, they can look at you.  You should add the experience certificates with the pictures and also the logo of the udacity to your LinkedIn profile.  By looking at these things, they can be attracted to you.  This is not the thing, which has been only seen theoretically, but also it has been confirmed by looking at the past experiences of the people.

Hundred millions of people have done the same thing and now they are working in the big companies around.   If the thing has worked for them then, of course, it can do a similar thing for you. Remember that the udacity online courses are much expensive than the other online courses companies but if you have the money in your pocket then the guarantee is there, that the output will be much better than the expectation you have.

You will not be the only person in the whole world who is doing the courses in this regard and you will not be the last person.  Hundred and millions of people are doing this thing for many years and they are going to do it in the future also even if it is expensive. Udacity is giving you the platform by removing the gap and making the bridge between education and careers. Even though the courses are online, still the education you will get from these resources is not going to be much less than the education from the physical institution. 

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