Best Technology and Gadget Blogs:

The internet is filled with hundreds of blogs, but what is the best? These are just some of the top options. Boing Boing is one of the pioneers of technology blogging. It features four sections, each of which functions as a separate system. Not only is it filled with great information, but it also has exclusive discounts on gadgets and tech gear. It’s also worth following if you’re an Apple fan since they frequently offer exclusive offers and discounts on new devices.


If you love technology, then you should subscribe to the best technology and gadget blog out there, CNET. Its news blog and reviews of products are both trustworthy and informative. With the latest reviews, CNET is a great resource for any techie. It even has a section for smart home technology. Whether you are buying a new car or looking to make improvements to your current vehicle, CNET can help you make the right decision. You can find reviews of new vehicles, car safety, and fuel efficiency. Besides articles and reviews, CNET also features videos and podcasts.


If you are looking for a more streamlined, slower-paced news site, you can always subscribe to The Verge, which also includes a dedicated “long-form” section. Another good choice for tech news and reviews is Tech Spot, which caters to PC gamers and IT pros. It does not feature any cultural commentary but focuses on technology and gadget news. There is a section for PC gaming enthusiasts, as well as hardware and software buying guides. The site also offers helpful advice on PC performance.

Apple Insider:

For news on Apple and its products, you should follow Apple Insider. The site features reviews, tutorials, and guides on all of the latest gadgets. If you prefer Android devices, you can visit Android Central. BGR is another excellent source of tech news. Their mobile-focused content helps readers stay up-to-date with the latest mobile devices. Among the best technology and gadget blogs, this one offers a mix of content.


As the name implies, Apple Insider is a technology and gadget blog for Apple lovers. It has been around since 1997 and has helped millions of people find the best health companion. Its simple interface allows it to be read by anyone, and updates are usually posted as frequently as on busier sites. It has a loyal following, and the content is updated on a regular basis.


Mashable is a world-renowned multi-platform entertainment and media site that provides information about the latest technology and gadget trends. The site publishes hundreds of articles each day, and back in its early days, Mashable posted at least seven articles every day. The site is highly informative and original, and its writers are known for their concise writing and clear presentations. Their writers have been recognized by MIT’s Nieman Fellows for their ability to tell complex stories in just three paragraphs.


The Mashable website has become one of the most influential technology and gadget blogs on the internet today. The site covers technology news, pop culture, finance, and even gadget reviews. They’re constantly updating and providing information on the latest gadgets. The site’s articles and videos make it an invaluable resource for technology enthusiasts. A great way to stay up-to-date on the latest trends is to subscribe to their blog.

Wire cutter:

The Wire cutter is an excellent blog for gadget lovers. It organizes products into categories for easier browsing and presents information on a variety of products. The Wire cutter chooses products that contain technologies people are likely to need. It tests and evaluates many different types of tech products. While it does not review every product on the market, it is one of the best gadget and technology blogs on the web.


The Wire cutter has been reviewing technology products for over ninety hours. In one article, they reviewed the Panasonic FlashXpress toaster oven and found that it was too hot to use and was hard to operate. Despite the technical limitations, the Wire cutter is able to focus on the utility of the product, rather than other contexts. The Wire cutter recommended the Ring video doorbell as the best smart doorbell camera, despite the company’s collaboration with the secret police.


Recode is one of the best technology and gadget blogs out there, and their coverage is varied. From technology news to reviews and analysis, Recode has it all. They’ve even won the Excellence in Online Journalism Award from the U.S. National Press Foundation, and their cavalcade of tech luminaries make for an entertaining and informative read. You should check them out, and you might even find yourself becoming a fan yourself!


This Spanish blog is a top technology and gadget blog. Its focus is on consumer electronics and personal technology. The articles are written in a passionate and informative way, so they’re perfect for anyone considering purchasing a new gadget. The site also publishes in-depth reviews and analyses of consumer electronics. The site also collaborates with other media companies, so the information on its site is not biased.

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