Best Schools to Learn Graphic Design in UK?

If you are interested in learning about graphic design but don’t know where to start, consider studying at one of the UK’s top universities. Studying at a prestigious institution, you can enjoy top-class facilities and experience etching and lithography, along with other traditional methods. Some top UK universities are listed below:

North Umbria University:

Located in Newcastle upon Tyne, the city of Tyneside, North Umbria University is a prestigious design institution. Featuring modern facilities and a unique aura of creativity and innovation, NUN offers an MFA in Fine Arts, the perfect choice for those looking to further their careers. An MFA in Fine Arts at NUN is a great opportunity to develop yourself into a learned professional and contribute new developments to the world.


The university offers a variety of subject areas and courses. A major draw to studying at North Umbria is its breadth of options. There are more than 500 locations worldwide, and you can choose from various subjects, from visual communication to photography. Award-winning student facilities and academic facilities complement its highly regarded programmes. If you’re interested in studying at a top-ranked institution, consider taking advantage of North Umbria University’s flexible online degree program.

Edinburgh College:

There are many reasons to attend the Edinburgh College in Scotland. Its location, in the Old Town of Edinburgh, is a major plus. Many studios at the college feature sweeping views of the city’s castle. The town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site that combines a rich sense of history with a contemporary feel. The city’s population is around 450,000 and is projected to increase by 50,000 in the next ten years.


The School of Digital, Technologies and Arts has global connections and a professional studio. Students can offer animation services to external clients and gain experience in production management. The course is accredited by Creative Skillset and the University Employer Mentoring Programme. Students can expect to learn several techniques through studio practical work, group work, and guided independent study. It also includes several internship opportunities.

University of Leeds:

The University of Leeds is renowned for its Graphic Design course. Whether you’re a complete beginner or have some professional experience, you’ll learn how to communicate ideas through graphics and visual language. You’ll study research methods and design practice, including typography, drawing processes, photography, and screen-based media. Your studies will also include critical assessment and audience-oriented thinking. You’ll also learn about professional practice and business and marketing.


The University of Leeds has a modern campus located near the city centre. Its campus has a mix of traditional and contemporary buildings, including administrative offices, faculty blocks, student support services, and a student union. You’ll enjoy modern teaching facilities, studios, and a well-stocked library. And you’ll be close to some of the city’s most famous attractions, including the Henry Moore Institute and the Leeds Art Gallery.

University of Edinburgh School of Design:

Students will be exposed to various graphic design techniques and materials and encouraged to explore multiple outputs. Drawing and digital skills are also desirable, and ideas should be at the heart of each piece. The graphic application includes working with typography and larger volumes of text, creating compositions, and executing client briefs. Students will also be required to develop their ideas and conceptualisations during their studies.

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