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October 29, 2020
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To deliver the best experience of gaming for gamers the best encoder is the ultimate option. There are certain options available in the field that are proven best to stream or record the program. Nvenc vs x264 is the ultimate resource that gamers use to support the gaming system.

If you are a gamer and want to stream or record your game live to different platforms, nvenc vs x264 obs are the relatively suitable options should consider. It helps to set up the system for encoding and handle the task smoothly while playing the game. For online streaming, it is necessary to compress the video to support the bandwidth and make it easy to download.

A simple CPU will not support high-performance video streaming. So, it is suggested to shift for the gaming-processing unit to deliver the best user experience ever without hurting the performance. The obs nvenc vs x264 both are for the encoding but have a slight difference that is based on the performance and speed.  

In the past nvenc is not that efficient to use for the high performing encoding then x264. But later on, multiple things are now improved in both versions.

Let’s dig out the difference and improvements that help to choose the best encoding software for the task.

Nvenc vs x264: which one is best to choose?

Whenever it comes to streaming and recording, nvenc vs x264 recording and nvenc vs x264 streaming will not make a significant difference. But due to certain things, x264 consider more performing than nvenc. On the other side, nvenc is now proven to be best with the streaming video performance and ability to manage the high profile smoothly. It comes with the advancement or changes that offer the best user experience to run the operations smoothly.

Certain changes help to understand the difference between nvidia nvenc vs x264 by comparing the performance, image quality, graphics, and a lot more. Let's start reviewing the nvenc vs x264 twitch to find out which one is better in streaming and recording.

  •         Brightness and flashes

In the video comparison the first thing that makes it more clear about the nvenc vs x264 is the brightness and flashes appear in the game. The nvenc video shows the low light and unclear image with the blocks that happen when the system is not able to encode the program well. Overall encoding due to poor light shift of black and white can disturb the overall picture quality. But on the other side, x264 is good at performing and shifting the light source while the encoding process. It provides more clear graphics, settles brightness, and manages overall background colors.

In overall brightness control, nvenc is lacking while encoding the video but x264 comes up with the high performance.

  •         Handling live screen changes

While running the encoding and streaming the games live there are certain changes happen in colors, background and situation which require rapid control. The nvidia nvenc vs x264 obs face real competition in this stage that nvenc supports the quick changes in the process but x264 fails to respond. In a game that is moving fast, an encoder is required that can effectively manage the on-screen quick changes.

The encoder nvenc vs x264 is responsible to give a bright screen outlook for the user to have a smooth visual experience while streaming the game live.

Other than x264, nvenc is quite good and smooth in providing the speed coding for the quick changes. The games like car racing, football, basketball, and others that have relatively fast screen changes should have supported the fast encoder nvenc. It provides a more sustainable visual screen during the online streaming timeframe.

  •         Readable text in the game

The important aspect that matters a lot while streaming and recording the game live. The best encoder is the one that will help to provide more clear text to read from the distance. With the nvenc, it is easier to handle a clearer image with the readable text format. But for the x264 it is hard to provide a clear text that is easy to read from the distance.

The poor quality text can exhaust the viewer easily because they are finding it more difficult to read and understand. During the live game streaming if a person is not able to understand the text properly then it may ruin the overall playing experience. Usually, it causes difficulty for the fast-moving games to encode well during the live streaming.

Best encoder for games live streaming & recording

As we discuss all aspects of the nvenc vs x264 2019, it helps to understand the major differences and aspects that push anyone to choose one. Whether it is about the nvenc or x264, there are multiple things the same in each encoder. Previously the nvenc did not offer a modification and lack in multiple things but after a time it brings the changes and advancement that are necessary to be in the encoder.

Nvenc offers the improvement with the clear text reading from a distance; rapidly converts the changes during the process of encoding, and much more. It became the finest choice for the user to encode the game live and have a smooth-running interface. On another side, the cost matters a lot, due to the changes with the new encoder, it is quite expensive that everyone does not find it easy to get.

The x264 will not accompany well at the time of encoding the smooth operation online. It will support the brightness but ruin the image with fast-moving games and text clarity.

So, if you want to have the best streaming experience then it is appropriate to invest one time in the best encoding system. So, nvenc is a far better option to handle the online operations and live systems. Moreover, it delivers the audience the best gaming experience that no other encoder will offer. For the adjustment of brightness and graphics, you can pick the RTX card with the encoder nvenc to manage the drawbacks easily.

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