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How Does Video-Games Affect Child Development?

by Alvin Nicolas / April 28, 2022 /

The first thing to consider is whether video games are affecting your child’s development positively […]

What Is Cryptocurrency and Its Benefits in Future?

by Alvin Nicolas / April 27, 2022 /

What Is Cryptocurrency and Its Benefits in Future? While there are many benefits of cryptocurrencies […]

What Are the Benefits of Biometric Technology in Bank ATM?

by Alvin Nicolas / April 26, 2022 /

If you’re wondering how fingerprint recognition works in the bank ATM, read on. Biometric technology […]

Get good marks in your CAT exam with technology

by Alvin Nicolas / November 3, 2021 /

A common question I get from my friends is, “I have a CAT exam coming […]

How to get most of a ted talk?

by Alvin Nicolas / July 26, 2021 /

Nowadays, TED talks are getting immense popularity due to the gradual evolution of technology as […]

What Are Linguistic Devices?

by Alvin Nicolas / /

Linguistic devices that draw the reader’s eye and attention to words, phrases, and symbols rather […]

What is the use of Loom in education?

by Alvin Nicolas / /

Video content creating popularity is always on the rise. We can view and hear content at our own […]

Best budget exercise bike in UK

by Alvin Nicolas / /

Want awesome and cheap exercising bike for your living room?  A workout bike is a […]

GUI Roblox script

Ultimate trolling GUI Roblox script

by Alvin Nicolas / March 24, 2021 /